Who We Are

Meet Our Team


Katy has been crafting orthodontic appliances since 1973. She trained under respected orthodontist Dr. T. Robert Johnson, who taught her how to work and meet high standards for orthodontic products. After many years as an “in-house” lab technician for Dr. Johnson, Katy and two of her co-workers decided to create a lab of their own, and Orthotek was born.

Sherry Higginbotham

Sherry has been a part of the Orthotek family for over 12 years. As Katy’s right hand, Sherry was lucky to learn from one of the best. She has developed a passion for Orthotek over the years and her skills have grown tremendously as well. Her co-workers describe her as very dedicated, always going the extra mile for her customers.

About Our Lab

Orthotek is a trusted orthodontic lab located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our lab has been serving the dental communities of Arkansas and surrounding states since 1990. As an employee established business, we especially take pride in our commitment to our customers. We guarantee our products will meet your needs and exceed all expectations.

At Orthotek, we craft quality appliances and form great relationships. We also take a customized approach to your personal preferences. Our goal is to earn a high level of satisfaction from you, every single step of the way.