The goal of a paperless lab is within reach!

Doctors are now able to create digital prescriptions and submit them electronically to our lab. This capability allows you, the doctor, to manage all of your cases and obtain real-time status updates on each of your cases. When using this convenient interface doctors can effectively catalog and manage all prescriptions, meanwhile allowing cases to be organized and stored securely off site.

Already writing digital prescriptions?

If you or your doctor is already writing digital prescriptions and have questions click here for our digital support.

Step 1

Upon logging in and bringing up the digital canvas, doctors and staff can design their prescriptions by dragging one of many elements from the Orthotek parts library. As the position of the element is changed, each part snaps into place and resizes to the specific location where it is placed.

blank canvas  

Step 2

Any specific remarks the doctor wishes to make about a case can be added using the comment feature. Many colors and designs are available to choose from, but a customized appliance is also an option. Pictures can be uploaded and attached to the prescription.

  customize capture    

Step 3

When all of the desired elements have been selected and are in place for the appliance, the prescription and accompanying notes can be submitted to Orthotek and will be retrieved in seconds.


Submitting prescriptions electronically will consolidate the prescription process and ensure accuracy, a reliable transfer, and safe storage of data.



Go Paperless

Orthotek now offers paperless billing for all clients. If you are interested in enrolling in the paperless billing process, please contact or click the button below.

Go Paperless

Empowering Our Doctors

Our doctors are our most important stakeholders. As the orthodontic industry continues to grow and the number of patients seeking care rises, the strains placed on doctors to manage increased patient demand using conventional resources, such as labor and space, will become greater. Inefficiencies like misunderstanding prescriptions and misplacing orthodontic appliances are costly errors that interrupt the treatment cycle. Our digital process provides doctors with a tool for managing their workflow and organizing their caseload, giving them more time and freedom to focus on their craft.


The Benefits of Digital

There are many benefits of a digital workflow. It allows the entire process from start to finish, to be more seamless and full-proof.

1. Accuracy

The ability to submit digital prescriptions virtually eliminates the common errors caused by confusing, and occasionally indecipherable prescription sketches. This reduces the chances of mistakes and delays due to ill-designed appliances.

2. Productivity

The digital workflow has allowed our lab to become more productive, which in turn allows your office to receive appliances in a timely fashion. The relationship between lab and doctor has become more productive and more efficient since converting to this digital process.

3. Efficiency

We are able to decrease turnaround time and thereby process a higher volume of cases.

4. Security

Doctors can design, submit and review prescriptions with full confidence their information is safe and secure. All prescriptions and data are backed up on a secure cloud network and visible only to the doctor and the lab, so there is never a risk of data-breach.

5. Storage

The HIPAA-compliant digital storage feature allows all patient and case data to be kept in secure locations, saving labs valuable physical space and resources. It also allows data to become portable—meaning prescriptions can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, through an easy-to-use web interface.