Our Products

At Orthotek, we offer a wide range of traditional orthodontic appliances. We produce reliable appliances, and always have the best interests at heart for both doctors and patients. We work to help you successfully execute custom treatment plans for each and every patient.


  • Retention

    Our removable appliances are built to aid in preventing relapse and maintaining tooth-positions according to your specifications. Orthotek has developed a spectrum of colors and designs to give patients the ability to select exactly what they want, while also offering doctors the variety they need in terms of form and function.

  • Retention Auxiliaries

    Wire Auxiliaries
    Clasps, Hooks, & Springs
    Acrylic Auxiliaries
    Screw Auxiliaries
    Other Retention Auxiliaries

  • Expansion

    The expansion appliances we carry
    are able to address all kinds of
    patient situations. Our catalog
    includes choices for both upper and
    lower treatments, and these can be
    used independently or combined
    with other appliances on a
    case-by-case basis.

  • Distalization

    Orthotek provides distalizing appliances
    to doctors in order to broaden the
    options for non-extraction treatment.
    This particular product line includes
    spring appliances that can be anchored
    or paired with bands, allowing you to
    solve patient problems unilaterally,
    bilaterally, rotationally or by
    adding an expansion screw.

  • Space Maintenance

    Space maintenance is about giving a permanent tooth time to grow after the previous tooth is lost. Appliances like these are usually made up of a simple band and loop, but more detailed appliances are also frequently used.

  • Habit

    Addressing issues like thumb sucking
    and tongue thrusting, the items here can
    be added to existing appliances or be
    used on their own. These appliances are
    all about creating a deterrent for the
    patient and ultimately breaking the
    habits they’ve formed that are
    detrimental to their teeth.

  • Functionals

    Our functional appliances alter the
    patient’s oral environment in an attempt
    to influence and permanently adjust the
    hard tissue. These correctors work to
    solve Class II orthodontic situations,
    using the patient’s own muscles
    in his or her favor.

  • TMJ Splints

    Many people live with pain in their jaw
    and facial muscles. Our correctors act
    as aids for those seeking treatment.
    These items relieve stress and help
    muscles to work as they should, with the
    goal of aligning the jaw and socket.

  • Mouthguards

    Like most orthodontic appliances,
    mouthguards are tailored to fit each
    and every individual set of teeth.
    At Orthotek, we provide options that
    give you the full ability to customize
    and provide value to your patients
    through preventative care.